In this video, Valley of the Dahle’s, Ted Dahle, shares helpful information on the differences between an expat and a digital nomad.

We invite you all to explore the differences between an immigrant and an expat as well.

Many people who already live in Portugal are calling themselves expats when in fact, they are immigrants. The terms expat vs. immigrant can be loaded terms, at times, because they’ve come to mean certain assumptions about class, education and privilege … even though the definition of these terms does no such thing.

There is often a stigma attached to the term immigrant but if people began defining themselves and using the term immigrant correctly, if they’ve chosen to move more permanently to Portugal (or anywhere outside their home country), it would do a lot to de-stigmatize the term and towards valuing all humans better.

Check out Ted’s video now to learn the differences between expats and digital nomads. And, tell us in the comments below…

How would you define yourself – expat, digital nomad or immigrant? And, why did you choose Portugal?

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