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Everyday Portugal is a community inspired website for people traveling or immigrating to Portugal. 

Born from the posts and real-life stories from group members in Californians Moving To/Living In Portugal, the website is a place to share our stories, make friends, make traveling or immigrating to Portugal easier and to share our love of Portugal.

Our intention is four-fold:

  • To provide real stories from the streets so people understand the realities of living in Portugal (warts and all) from people who have already moved here. We want to provide a true picture of what it’s actually like living here.
  • To provide helpful resources for travel and immigration to Portugal.
  • To create a wonderful and connected community of people who love Portugal on a platform that allows you to connect to others and find information easily and in an organized way.
  • To give vetted, respected and trustworthy service providers a way to connect with the community.

While we started on Facebook and the platform is excellent for Q&As; it’s not great for organizing resources in one spot. 

We are keeping our so you get your individual travel, immigration, and daily life questions answered easily but we have moved our organized resource library, community member stories and events & meet-ups calendar here.

The valuable resources and insights provided by Everyday Portugal are ALWAYS free to you!

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