Marcelo Bento, “The Car Hunter”

Marcelo specializes in purchases, importing, and offers a really cool, car concierge service.

Marcelo has years of experience in the car industry (in sales and maintenance) and is well connected with dealerships around the country and most of the EU.

For a fee, Marcelo discusses your car needs with you and does the time consuming work of calling all over the country and the EU to find just what you’re looking for. He also schedules test drives (or will test drive it himself), organizes and reviews the inspection, negotiates the price and terms, reviews all the paperwork, oversees the sale, organizes transport if the car was found in another EU country, and even reminds you of when your car needs its legally required maintenance checks as well as your mandatory maintenance to keep your warranty valid.

We were thrilled to learn of his service and decided to make the investment. It really paid off. Not only did Marcelo scour Portugal for what we were looking for, he caught a huge error in the paperwork on a car we were about to purchase – an error that negated the warranty that the dealer said was part of our purchase. Having him review the legal paperwork and make sure everything was correct and we were protected was an enormous help too. He also negotiated a great price on the car and made sure the inspection was up to snuff. It was wonderful to just give him our wish list and hand the project over to him so we could enjoy more of our time to things we like doing.

We were very happy with Marcelo’s service. He eliminated a great number of headaches from the car buying process here. And something that was truly helpful about working with him is that because of his experience and relationships, he’s often able to find cars before they are listed to the public – which gives you a better chance to find the car you’re looking for here.