Antonio Mira,

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable, honest and transparent buyer’s consultant and agent, we highly recommend working with Antonio Mira. What’s great is that he includes setting you up with your NIF and your Portuguese bank account as part of his service package which totally eliminates that headache right off your to-do list for applying for your visa.

Antonio is a treasure trove of information. He’s generous with his time and assistance. He’s consulted us (for free) on so many things even beyond real estate for over the past 3 years that we’ve been working with him.

Antonio also has strong relationships with bank managers and was able to negotiate a much lower interest rate on our mortgage loan than what the actual banks or our mortgage broker was able to offer. In the end, Antonio saved us tens of thousands of dollars on our mortgage long-term.

Because we’ve been working with Antonio for so long and we know first hand how hard it is to find an affordable rental or home purchase, we asked Antonio if he would give our community a special discount on his services. So, if you do end up calling him, let him know you found him through Everyday Portugal and he will give you a $500 discount on his services.