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🇵🇹 Email 1: Which Visa is Right for You & How to Apply
🇵🇹 Email 2: How to Open a Bank Account in Portugal + Save $$ on Transfers
🇵🇹 Email 3: Working in Portugal + Are you looking for a remote job or passive income to qualify for a visa?
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🇵🇹 Email 6: Preparing for Your Move To Portugal
🇵🇹 Email 7: What you need for a successful SEF Residency Permit Appointment
🇵🇹 Email 8: Cracking the code on learning Portuguese
🇵🇹 Email 9: Buyer’s Guide for Setting up Your Home in Portugal: Where to buy furniture, appliances, electronics and more!
🇵🇹 Email 10: How to find the right school for your child
🇵🇹Email 11: How to Buy a Car in Portugal without pulling out all of your hair.
🇵🇹Email 12: Everything Legal: all the little things no one really talks about in the other expat groups that you may have to do once you’re here.
🇵🇹 Email 13: How to Make Friends & Build Community in Portugal