Soooo, tried out my new “clothes dryer” today and YAY!

In our former apartment dying was a rack I a completely closed in courtyard so absolutely no.air circulation.

My new “dryer” is a traditional Portuguese pulley clothes line off the kitchen balcony- 2nd floor so the breeze was constant. Everything dried in 1/3 the time.

Really early on, I learned to “lean into” the Zen of hanging clothes to perfectly balance a folding rack. Now my focus is on how the hell to get clothes on BOTH of the very ends of the pulley line like my Portuguese neighbors.

#EmbraceYourNewCulture #RealExpatLifeInPortugal #LettingGoOfTheExcess #LifeSimplified


Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Just had her 1 year anniversary in Portugal. Her daughter, Jennifer, is now getting close to her 2 year renewal. They currently live in the Eastern Algarve (Vila Real de Santo Antonio).

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